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Leslie Town Centre is the premier event venue in Middle Tennessee. We are known for our excellent service staff, premium amenities and our commitment to making your event our only focus. Located in the historic business district of Cookeville, we offer a venue that is centrally located off of I-40 between Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga. The outstanding resources of the area afford beautiful surroundings, quality hotels, exceptional caterers and other service professionals that can make your wedding reception, party, fundraiser, meeting, conference or expo an event to remember.


5 Tips to Self Catering Success

  1. Keep It Simple & Go With What You Know

    New recipes? Lots of Options? Fussy details? No. Now is the time to stick with what you know and love. Use or find your best recipes for simple finger foods and dishes that will delight your guests, but not make you crazy. Think crudités, simple canopies that can be made ahead, or one pot wonders. And don’t forget your Instant Pot! We love these delicious recipes from Chowhound. Making a list of what you decide to make will be extra helpful at keeping things on track, too.

  2. Don’t Make Too Much

    One of the most common, budget blowing mistakes is to make too much food. Control your portions and think about the flow of the event so you keep things under control. We love this article on The Spruce. It breaks events down into categories and makes some terrific suggestions for everything from a cocktail party to a sit down dinner.

  3. Remember the Platters & Utensils

    Seems simple, right? Making sure you have enough and the right things for service is a catering must! We suggest laying all your platters and bowls out on a large table and place an index card in each indicating what goes where. Then add the appropriate service utensil. This is also essential information to help your assistants be effective at helping you.

  4. Enlist Help

    It is not possible to do it all yourself and have a good time. Ask for help and be specific with requests like, “John, would you mind to handle the bartending from 8 to 9?” Giving a set time means your guests can contribute, but have a good time themselves while understanding what you’d like them to do.

  5. Make a Good Mocktail

    It’s super vogue to drink mocktails these days. They make T-totalers and those who imbibe feel equally chic. Our favorite is this Mock Champagne recipe. It’s not too dry, not too sweet and goes with almost anything.

    Mock Champagne:

    Equal parts apple juice and ginger ale with pineapple juice added to taste.

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