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5 Tips for Writing Thank You's

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According to Emily Post, you should send a thank you note every time you receive a gift and the giver wasn’t there to be thanked in person. The exceptions being a baby or bridal shower, condolence notes or gifts, wedding gifts, and thank you’s for special events held in your honor or dinners hosted by your boss or other significant person.

  1. If the giver is a close friend or family member, a simple phone call or email is also fine.

  2. Find Thank You notes that reflect your style and personality or have custom cards made online.

  3. Mention the gift that was given. It personalizes the sentiment and lets the giver know that their kindness was appreciated.

  4. Base your note on the formality of the situation. A casual birthday gift left on your desk is far more casual than a wedding gift.

  5. It’s appropriate to send wedding thank you notes within 3 months of receiving the gift, so leaving them until your return from the honeymoon can make a monumental task. Sending your notes as the gifts are received is a lot more manageable. 

Lisa Smith