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How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh This Spring


Fresh flowers are one of the many great things about spring! There are so many choices in stores and your own garden, here are some tips on how to keep your flowers looking full and fresh longer.

  • Cut garden flowers in the morning when they are most hydrated and have a clean vase with fresh water ready and waiting for the blooms.

  • Freshly cut stems absorb water the best. Always give your flowers a fresh trim before putting them in water. 

  • Trim your stems and change the water every couple of days, especially if the water starts to look cloudy.

  • If your flowers have woody stems, like hydrangea or lilac, cut the stems at a 45 degree angle so the flowers get more water.

  • Use flower preservative in the water. This helps keep bloom destroying bacteria at bay. Citrus drinks like Sprite or 7-Up can be used in a pinch.