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Beautiful Wildflower Bouquets at Home


Wildflowers and garden blooms make gorgeous bouquets in summer! Think old favorites like sunflowers, zinnias, bachelor buttons, corn flower, gerber daisies, and sweet peas, as well as butterfly bush blossoms, hosta flowers, and clusters of hydrangea. Mixing textures and colors can make for a stunning presentation. Here are some tips.

  1. First, prepare your own flower preservative by combining 3 Tablespoons of sugar in 1 quart of warm water, then add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar.

  2. Cut your blooms in early morning or later in the evening as the sun begins to set to reduce stress on the flowers and prevent early wilting.

  3. Using sharp, clean cutting shears or kitchen scissors, cut just above a leaf on bushy plants and sunflowers or close to the ground for lilies and daisies. Keep in mind the vase you’ll put them in so you cut to the appropriate length. Always cut a little longer than you’ll need so you have room to experiment.

  4. Be sure to cut some green foliage with the stems, so that you have contrast in your bouquet.

  5. Using your hands or scissors, strip any foliage at the bottom of the stems that will be in the water/preservative. This will help prevent rot from developing that will compromise the bouquet before it is time.

  6. Keep in mind that the wider the mouth of your vase the more flowers you will need to make it look appropriately full.

  7. If your flowers need support or you want more structure to your bouquet consider creating a grid across the top of the vase using floral tape. Doing this makes arranging your flowers easier and helps hold them in place. Vases with flower frogs are another option.

  8. Consider the color of your blooms and add them to your bouquet in threes. (Note that the three blooms do not have to be grouped together in the bouquet itself.) This will create a balanced appearance and make a lovely grouping. Using flowers all in the same color family for a tone-on-tone look is a sophisticated choice, like all reds or all purple flowers. The classic mixture of colors is always nice, too.

  9. Look for sprigs of foliage that will balance out the blooms. For instance, if you have strong, bold flowers in the mix like sunflowers consider a contrast to them such as snapdragons, daisies, or forsythia sprigs.

  10. Use greenery, like small hosta leaves or leaves from a hydrangea, to ground the bouquet.

Be creative! Play with texture, color and composition and put any leftover flowers in another arrangement. Any room in your home will look even better with fresh flowers.

Lisa Smith