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Healthy Hacks for School Lunches

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Making sure your kids are getting the nutrition they need to focus and have fun at school is important. Here are some healthy hacks to make packing a tasty and fun lunch a breeze!

Give it a Face

A sandwich smiling back at you in the cafeteria is a sure bet to turn an awkward first day into a reminder that you are loved and cherished. Use bread, fruit, and veggies to say hello from the lunchbox. You can also use something like these nifty sandwich cutters that come in an assortment of critter faces.

Add Some Color

Besides the fact that eating foods in a rainbow of colors is the best way to make a healthy plate, color from natural fruits and veggies make the entire lunch experience taste even better. You can also use silicone cups to help compartmentalize food and add a little extra bling. Look around at your local shops for things like these from Amazon or use paper muffin cups. Make sure to pack it tightly so it can withstand travel.

Make it Dip-able

Kids love dip! Try low fat Greek yogurt, like Fage, with some peanut butter or jelly mixed in. Serve it up with apple slices (see the article from Passion for Savings below for a great way to keep your slices fresh) for a healthy and refreshing snack! These little cups from Tavva are awesome!

Pack In the Protein

Protein is good for their bodies and their brains. Always include a portion of protein (1-3 ounces depending on their age and weight): meat, cheese, beans, or even eggs like in a frittata or egg sandwich.

Keep It Cold

Use ice packs to keep your homemade “lunchable” at a safe temperature or freeze a reusable container of water. Over the morning the water will thaw and they will have a cold lunch, plus something to drink!

For more cool ideas check out this article from Passion for Savings!

Lisa Smith