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5 Tips to Beautiful Hair & Nails on the Big Day!

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1. Drink Collagen

Collagen is what makes our lips plump and fills in our skin to prevent fine lines. Drinking collagen can not only make you more radiant in those areas it can also give you shinier hair and stronger nails. There are loads of powdered collagen mixes on the market. Start taking daily doses a month before your event for best effect.

2. Take Pre-natal Vitamins

While not recommended for long term use for those who are not pregnant because pre-natal vitamins have higher than normal amount of certain nutrients, taking them for a month or two to improve your hair and nails can yield good results for some women.

3. Get Some Exercise

Having poor circulation can make for thin and brittle nails, so make sure you get your cardio in.

4. Go to the Pool

Your nails grow best in the summer months because they like being moist and getting plenty of vitamin D from being in the sun, so be sure to sit outside. Eating plenty of fatty fish or drinking fortified milk is another option if you are limiting your time in the sun. You can also take a supplement.

5. Have Regular Mani/Pedis

As referenced in point number 4, keeping your nails moist helps promote growth. So does regular care like pushing back your cuticles, hand and foot massages, and soaking your nails. Plus, it just feels good to be pampered!